David Brown

   1758-34 Kawarabuki
   Saitama-ken 362-0022
   Phone: +81-90-6549-8110
   E-mail: dagbrown@lart.ca


    Experienced sysadmin and software developer with more than 25 years
    of experience across many varieties of UNIX seeking new challenges,
    opportunities and knowledge.


   Spoken languages
          English (mother tongue)
          Japanese (daily business)

   Computer languages
          Ruby; Perl; Python; Bourne, Korn and C shell; C/C++; FORTRAN;
          HTML; Java; Common Lisp; Make; PostScript; SQL; XML; many

   Operating systems
          Unix (system administrator and programmer level; several
          versions, most recently Linux, but also Solaris, NCR
          Unix, HP-UX, IRIX, SUPER-UX, Reliant UNIX and others).
          Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP (administrator and programmer
          level). A few others.

          Lots of x86/PC server experience; Macs; Sun, HP and other

   Open Source projects
          * Lunar Linux, a source-based Linux distribution: developer
            and build manager.
          * Gurgitate Mail, a mail filter and local delivery agent:
            creator and lead developer.
          * Percolate Mail, an SMTP server framework: creator and lead
          * Flooterbuck Infobot, a fork of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot: lead

          Passed the Japanese IT Standards Examination in April 2006.


   Systems Administrator
   January 2021-June 2021
   Spamhaus Technologies, Technical team
     * Technical environment: Linux virtual machines on diverse cloud
       hosting services around the world, plus a physical datacenter
       using VMWare vSphere
     * Evaluated the production environment with an eye to improving
       data transfer and maintainability
     * Built new Linux servers as needed to maintain service levels

   Systems Administrator/Architect
   July 2007-December 2021
   GMO Internet, Shared Hosting Product team
   Tokyo, Japan
     * Technical environment: A production environment consisting of a
       large collection of SuperMicro servers, mostly running Solaris
       10 UNIX, but with some OmniOS UNIX.  Test environment:  mainly
       SmartOS.  Desktops were either Linux-based or MacOS, and I did
       some development work in Visual Basic for an internal Windows
       system. Software was UNIX-based middleware, utilizing
       technologies such as OpenLDAP, MySQL, Oracle SQL Server, and ZFS.
     * Envisioned and implemented an effective, disciplined
       configuration management system using open-source tools, allowing
       consistent configuration across multiple servers, easy recovery
       from errors and discovery of the details of changes that had been
     * Created and implemented standardized software packages, again to
       ensure consistency across different networks.
     * Participated in multiple datacenter migrations, designing and
       implmementing data-migration strategies.
     * Designed a new development and test environment, migrating from
       the previously anarchic collection of Xen VMs and Solaris 10
       zones, to a new, standardized SmartOS-based network.  Leveraged
       the SmartOS-based cloud to also implement build environments and
       repositories for configuration management and documentation.
     * Spearheaded the use of a Sun x4500-based disk storage solution
       using ZFS technology to replace the existing NetApp solution,
       ultimately saving the company tens of millions of yen in hardware
       cost and millions of yen in support costs.
     * Discovered the once-thought-missing source code for an old but
       profitable service, and ported it so that it continued to be
       usable after its original hardware had been retired.
     * Envisioned and implemented an effective, disciplined
       configuration management system using open-source tools, allowing
       easy recovery from errors and discovery of the details of changes
       that had been made.
     * Designed and implemented an automated software
       build-and-packaging system for the increasing number of
       third-party open-source and otherwise software tools that needed
       to be deployed.

   Programmer/Systems Administrator
   February 2005-May 2007
   Rightweight Process/Invio/USE, Internet Solutions Division
   Tokyo, Japan
     * Technical environment: A mixed environment, generally with Linux
       on servers and Linux, Windows and MacOS on desktop. Network
       equipment was Yamaha, Dell and Cisco. Programming was mainly done
       in Ruby with Rails, but there was also some PHP, Perl and Python
       development. My supervisees used Microsoft technologies like C#
       and .NET.
     * Supervised a team of University of Waterloo students, making them
       immediately productive by implementing a learn-by-doing training
       program where early results were immediately management- and
       customer-visible. This fostered a positive relationship between
       team members and the rest of the company by rapidly demonstrating
       the quality of their work.
     * Quickly identified and capitalized on areas of strength in new
       employees, leading new team members to be quickly accepted by the
       rest of the company, and encouraging new employees to quickly
       take on new and challenging tasks.
     * Designed and built a high-performance, high-availability
       load-balancing network for customer's ad server and discovered
       inexpensive and simple solutions for subtle problems by
       investigating and diagnosing performance bottlenecks,
     * Performed rapid and effective needs analysis for another service
       for the same customer. Upon receiving amended requirements for
       their ad server, quickly perceived their actual requirements
       based on their requests and clearly explained my perceptions.
       The customer accepted my amendments to their original request.
     * Designed and implemented robust, high-performance email systems,
       including smart distribution-list management, spam and virus
       filtering, and email hosting solutions, for both internal and
       external email customers.
     * Worked with a customer to devise an offsite backup solution for
       their web site, working within the constraints of a hostile
       environment, which saved the customer large amounts of money and
       gave them control over their own data.
     * Designed and implemented Subversion and Trac systems for
       intranet, with special exceptions for access by outside

   Webmaster (contract)
   June 2004-April 2006
   XBRL Spy
   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
     * Technical environment: Apache web server on a hosting service
       with PHP.
     * Researched and recommended content-management software and
       hosting providers, with a focus on highest quality and maximum
       flexibility combined with greatest value.
     * Rapidly set up the website and its content within the Drupal CMS
     * Handled system administration tasks including software
       installation, backup and email management.

   Systems Analyst
   Blast Radius
   Products Division
   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
     * Technical environment: A mixed environment consisting largely of
       Linux servers and Windows workstations. Most of my own
       development was in Python on Linux systems, but there was also a
       large amount of development in C++ and Java within Windows
     * Wrote a bug tracker using the Roundup framework to enable Quality
       Assurance to accurately track problem resolution.
     * Authored a lightweight document management system which used
       out-of-the-box components including SAMBA and DocUtils, enabling
       the design and development teams to quickly exchange project
       documentation and information.
     * Implemented a system backup and archive scheme to meet government
       and software release requirements, and to ensure protection of
       the software development environment.
     * Supervised and mentored a practicum student, leading directly to
       his being hired on a permanent basis in the IT department.
     * Administered the development team's Perforce and Subversion
       source code repositories.
     * Provided general IT support for the Products division, including
       acquiring hardware and software for development, Quality
       Assurance, and customer-facing demonstrations, and assessing
       network performance and topology issues.
     * Liaised between the Products division and Blast Radius's IT
       department, ensuring that IT issues were solved in a timely,
       satisfactory manner.


  Developer, build master
  Lunar Linux (Open Source distribution)
    * Technical environment: A source-based Linux distribution, like
      Gentoo but with a curses-based installer rather like Debian
      or Red Hat.
    * After the project had a lengthy hiatus without new install media
      releases, I took the initiative to figure out how to build the
      install media, fix what was broken with the build, and institute
      a daily build.
    * Made, reviewed and accepted many pull requests in the distro's
      Github repositories.
    * Mentored several less experienced developers, providing resources and
      encouraging them to experiment and take risks.

Prior to 2004

* Did building, packaging and source code management for NCR Corporation
  in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
* Repaired and reinstalled some less-well-known computers for Mortice
  Kern Systems in Waterloo.
* Wrote some LISP code as a research assistant at the University of
* Wrote a GUI for the settings file for Advanced Scientific Computing in
* Learned how to be a system administrator at the Computer Science Club
  at the University of Waterloo.
* Ran a bunch of HP-UX workstations for scientists working at
  Environment Canada in Downsview, Ontario.
* Worked in a VMS environment at Labatt Breweries of Canada, providing
  system and user support.


* Completed two and a half years of a 4-year Computer Science program at
  the University of Waterloo.